hello, and happy late thanksgiving to everyone overseas!!

i haven’t been keeping this blog up as much as i would like to, and would like to apologise to anyone who has been checking it to find nothing new posted here! (>_<)  if any of you are on mixi, you can see a lot more of our new creations by adding us!  [our profile is here]

it’s been so cold in tokyo these last few days!  after a long, hot summer, we had one month of autumn only to warp into sub-zero-esque weather. (@.@)  i’m wishing i had a warmer coat! XD

winter is a great season to try styles using warmer extensions like wool…they’re fluffy, warm, and can be used as a pillow should the feeling arise (^_~)  we did some great wool extensions the other day, so i wanted to post the photos here!


皆さん、ぉ久しぶりです!♪ このブログは気付いたら放置したままで、本当にすみません。これからもっともっと更新するように頑張りますが、もしmixiを使っている方がいらしたらそちらを良く更新するので、是非マイミクになりましょう!(プロフはこちら


冬と言えば、この季節になると楽なエクステがありますよ♪ 毛糸は温かいし枕代わりにもなるし、冬ならオススメですよ!♪ 先日ステキな毛糸エクステをやったので公開しちゃいます!是非皆さん毛糸を試してみて下さい♪

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