since our crash landing in la in 2010, i found myself quite guilty of “the grass is greener on the other side” syndrome.  i missed working in japan, collaborating with events, i especially missed our clients, and most of all, i just missed [a]narchy…which is why it was such a breath of fresh air to be asked to do the hairstyling for a fashion show collaboration between tokyo’s famed kawaii fashion brand/shop spank! and adorable american accessory brand chubby bunny as part of an art and fashion event curated by sweet streets.


[photo: dave tada]


hello?  …hello?  is this thing on?  some of our loyal fans were probably checking the endangered hair species list, as [a]narchy was in a long, dark coma for the past few years.  i’m happy to announce [and hoping that someone is still checking this site to read it!] that we are back in the land of the living/updating, and we apologise for disappearing for so long.


our move to la was made with starry eyes and the hope that we would settle in on american soil with the same ease that we did in tokyo, but it’s been an uphill battle at times, even making us lose sight of what we set out to accomplish in the first place.  america is BIG.  la is a big city…and yet a very small world in this industry.

[a]narchy ended up on the back burner for the first year, while i ended up going to hair school.  it was like someone had pressed rewind on my life, and i was suddenly struggling to walk even though i was running with scissors just fine.  several colds and many finger slices later, i’m officially a licensed hairdresser in the state of california.  kazu and i went from making bubblewrap dreads and dreamlike orders drawn as impressive manga-style sketches by our clients, to working as…HAIRDRESSERS.  foils…layered haircuts…*gasp!* NATURAL hair colour?!  it was a surreal and confusing start to our new chapter in our life, but it’s not been without rewards.

日本から眺めてたアメリカはまだ新鮮で未知の世界でしたが、実際に住んでみるとやっぱり最初はロスの大きさとアメリカの文化が何より逆カルチャーショックだったので、自分の夢とアイデンティティを見失っちゃいそうになる時もありました。アメリカで美容免許を持ってなかった私が美容学校に通うようになって、無事に国家試験を合格しましたが、気がつけばkazuと私がふつーの美容師の仕事をやってましたw 派手な頭を毎日楽しく作ってた私達がいきなり定番のヘアカットやナチュラル系のカラーばかりしてて、本当にショックでした。全然[a]narchyじゃねーよ!としばらく悩んでましたw


we’ve been fortunate enough to meet some really fantastic people and artists, and in a strange turn of events, we’ve done more work with japanese fashion brands in america than we did in japan!  along with our change of location, our style of work has had to change to adapt in la as well, but each change in its own way has been exciting in a new and different way, and it’s toughened us up while putting our foot in the door.

色々な素敵な出会いもあって様々なアーティストやファッションブランドと一緒に仕事させてもらえたし、不思議なことにロスでは東京にいた頃より日本のブランドとの仕事が多くて驚きましたw こっちで求められてる仕事はスタイリングや撮影が多くて、個人的に派手な頭の子が原宿よりかなり少ないのでウチも進化しなきゃいけなかったんですが、お陰様で強くなったと思うし、技術もパワーアップ出来たと思います。

it’s been a crazy couple of years, but we finally are ready to move forward, and hope that we’ll be able to make people look at hair in a new way, and show los angeles that [a]narchy is a creative force to be reckoned with.


this has been a crazy-long update that hasn’t actually updated anyone on much, which is why we look forward to unveiling our previous la projects, along with future events and ideas.  we’re currently doing [a]narchy hair on a freelance basis, so if anyone in the los angeles area wants to wear their he[a]rt on their head, so to speak, contact us, and let’s get the ball rolling!!

今回のブログは大した内容じゃないのにかなり長くなりましたw というわけで、これからのブログは過去のプロジェクトとこれから参加するイベントと企画をドンドン紹介していきます![a]narchyはまだまだフリーランスでやってるんですが、通販やカスタムのご注文も受付中なので、頭をどうしても[a]narchyらしくしたい方は是非ご連絡下さい!これからも[a]narchyを応援して下さいね♪ 4649でーーーーす!

it’s been too long since i last updated this blog, and sadly it’s not for the happiest of reasons.

it was brought to our attention that there is someone out there selling amateur wigs under the guise that they were created by [a]narchy.  i can’t stress enough how much this upsets us.

we take pride in the hard work that we do, and every single wig, hairpiece, and extension client that we take is going to get something worthy of the [a]narchy brand name.  we have taken commissions for hairpieces and wigs for overseas clients, but if any of our supporters see someone selling anything under the [a]narchy name on the internet, we ask that you notify us in advance by contacting us at to verify the authenticity of any wigs and/or hairpieces.  if you spot a fake, please report it to us, because it’s both fraudulant and copyright infringement, which we take very seriously.

the only definite way to guarantee the quality and authenticity of anything we make at [a]narchy is to have it made by us, or to purchase our work from an approved shop that stocks our hairpieces.  we encourage our supporters to be creative and try their hand at making their own hair creations, as that’s the spirit [a]narchy has always embraced, but from a legal, aesthetic, and moral standpoint, fakes are something that we not only frown upon, but want no association with our name whatsoever.

here is an example of a bubblewrap wig that was allegedly made by us:


and here are examples of bubblewrap wigs that [a]narchy created:

can you see the massive difference in quality?  we hope so.  bubblewrap dreadlocks and their technique were created by pepi’s, and the only salons who have perfected that technique are pepi’s and [a]narchy.  this technique is often imitated, but it only takes a quick glance to know which is the original.  if it doesn’t look like it was made by [a]narchy, it means it wasn’t made by [a]narchy.

if anyone comes across an ‘[a]narchy’ or ‘anarchy in the jp’ wig or hairpiece online, whether via private sale or auction site, contact us directly before making any commitments to purchase, because it’s not only illegal, but it hurts the level of quality associated with our name if it’s a forgery.  the materials we use range from plastic pioneered and used by pepi’s to basic materials that anyone can get their hands on, but just because it’s a certain material does not mean we made it.  be cautious when making any purchases over the internet, and remember that the best way to guarantee the quality and style of [a]narchy is to commission us to create something for you.

ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS.  report any suspicious sales to us, and stick to the following guide if you see our work on the internet for sale VIA [a]narchy:

- ALL [a]narchy wigs and hairpieces available from us online will be watermarked with our logo [see examples of our work above]
- if sold on livejournal, items will be posted using kaytea’s LJ handle, kayteanese
- if sold on mixi, items will be posted in the [a]narchy community or using kaytea’s mixi handle, anarchyinthejp
- all pieces listed on the [a]narchy official blog/site are guaranteed authentic
- all e-mail correspondance will be via our official e-mail,

  there are all sorts of people on the net, but we want to keep the fakes at bay and guarantee that no one gets shafted out of money for work that is of inferior quality.

thank you. x

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