A situation in a country, an organization, etc.in which there is no government, order or control.


Born in 1972 in heavily military-occupied Okinawa, Kazu was never one to follow rules.  Hating school, he left alone for Nagoya at 16 to become a hairdresser.  Everyone thought he wouldn’t last a week away, so instead he stayed there for 7 years working as a hairdresser and falling into the rampant Nagoya punk scene.

The Sex Pistols and LAUGHIN’NOSE were huge musical influences who brought out aspects of Kazu’s personality and style that made him stand apart from a sometimes closed-minded shapeless society.

Fuck trends. Fuck rules. Make your own rules and create something that goes against the grain.

That’s exactly what Kazu ended up doing after again packing up and leaving for London on his own in 1996.  Kazu hit London when its club scene was at its peak and in Summer of 1999 met two people in the midst of creating PEPI’S a hairdressing team creating hair extensions with materials never used before.  Even though he couldn’t speak English Kazu became a core member of a group who like him didn’t care about society do’s and don’ts and created their work with no rules restrictions or basis in reality.  PEPI’S were the pioneers of plastic tubing extensions which have been a key element in the style of the London and Tokyo cyber scene.  Based in London and previously having an additional shop in Tokyo many hairdressers have attempted to imitate the styles that PEPI’S created, but what cannot be reproduced is the way of thinking that is shown through PEPI’S and Kazu’s work.  Hair extensions aren’t just the materials they’re made with and Kazu’s clients flew to London from Europe, the United States, and Japan because they knew they couldn’t re-create his work anywhere else.

Kazu has taken part in many projects including styling for the Pantene Beauty Awards, London Fashion Week, the Burning Man festival in the United States and many Torture Garden fashion shows and events. His clients have included a wide spectrum of different people and styles ranging from Camden Town cyber punk and rockabilly boys and girls to famous fashion designers musicians and DJs.A very loyal client and collaborator is YOJI BIOMEHANIKA who has been enlisting Kazu’s talent to create his hair extensions for several years.  After working with PEPI’S for 6 years Kazu has brought himself to Tokyo. Tokyo has introduced a new breed of clientele, including visual kei team LM.c, shock performers TOKYO SHOCK BOYS, the staff and performers of Tokyo Decadance, and loyal clients spanning from Hokkaido to Okinawa.  Where he goes from here shall be an entirely new story in itself.


Kaytea first met the Pepi’s team as a client in 1999, when she moved to London at 16.  Having seen one photograph of a hairstyle Pepi’s had created, she came to London with one mission: not to figure out her neighbourhood, but how to find their shop.  Although she is sometimes referred to as ‘the biggest pain of a client’ the staff had to endure, her lust for new and outrageous styles became a trademark that attracted the attention of make-up artists, musicians, and photographers.  Even after her initial move to Tokyo on her own, she would still routinely fly back through London every three months to get new extensions.  Obviously, she knew she could only trust Pepi’s when it came to handling her hair.

Kaytea previously worked as a photographer and musician in Tokyo, playing bass in a now-major label band, along with writing lyrics and photographing for bands like Camino Project, and lending her vocals to visual kei’s Godfathers, AION.  Her photographic work has been featured in Fool’s Mate, Japan’s biggest underground rock magazine, and meanwhile she began climbing the ladder of Japan’s notoriously-strict hairdressing world, learning the strict heirarchy of the ’service industry’ that makes up Japan’s hair salons while being paid three times the amount Japanese stylists were just for being caucasian and outrageous-looking.

Once back in London, Kaytea began working as a temporary assistant stylist at Pepi’s when the shop was short of staff, and assisted Kazu in the midst of dust storms and blackouts in the Nevada desert at the Burning Man festival.  For Kaytea, switching positions from client to stylist was a feat full of challenges, but it proved to be her true passion, so she dropped her band just before major debut and dedicated herself to learning the ropes of hair creation from one of her biggest mentors, Kazu.

While many challenges still lie ahead, Kaytea found her niche as a creator of hairpieces and accessories, taking charge of the artistic direction for [a]narchy’s previous collaboration with Tokyo brand Takuya Angel, combining futuristic materials with traditional Japanese items, which took off by storm among the youth of Harajuku.

Kaytea’s artistic direction and Kazu’s skills combined make up the team that is [a]narchy.  Together they aim to change Japan’s view of hair extensions, in a society where only the youth, unemployed, and entertainers were allowed to have freedom when it came to their looks.  Thanks to their clientele and the worldwide base of supporters who have helped them push the envelope for the past three years, they may eventually be able to accomplish that goal.